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A Better World Through Strategic Charitable Giving

Our Mission is about IMPACT

Thank you for sharing our vision of a better world through strategic charitable giving! The work you do allows ordinary people to do extraordinary things. It shows Canadians the best ways to make significant gifts which will support change and transform society, It allows them to make powerful choices about their philanthropy, choices which reflect their values and allow them to be as strategic as possible in their giving. 

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You can help us to make a significant impact on philanthropy in Canada. Our goal is to expand the scope and availability of the highest quality philanthropic education, to develop knowledge, build awareness, create connections and engage in national dialogues. We need your support. Please consider making a multi-year pledge to allow us to project and plan our growth and progress.

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Supporting education and research on legacy giving through the CAGP Foundation gives me a role in enabling more Canadians to dream of the future they’d like to create through philanthropy.

Sandra Dow, Proud Fundraiser, Philanthropist, Member & Mentor at CAGP

Our Story is about YOU

Many of you have told us that what you've learned through CAGP's educational offerings and educational network has made a significant difference to your career and your life. You've made a difference to the causes and communities you serve. 

Thank you for being here to help us build a better world through strategic charitable giving.  Your support is crucial to allow us to grow.

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