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We’re eternally grateful to our growing family of donors and supporters for demonstrating their belief in our vision of a better world through strategic charitable giving.

We recognize our Founding Donors in perpetuity and we thank you for leading the way!

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Our Founding Donors


We are eternally grateful to all our Founding Donors for their visionary support in our very first year of existence.


Thank you!

Legacy Donors


Chelsea McIntyre
Paul C.S.C. Nazareth



Donald K. Johnson



The Donor Motivation Program
Benefaction Foundation



TD Wealth

DeWayne Osborn



Robert Strachan



Joan Blight
Calvin Fong
Peggy Killeen
Roger Lee
Tony Lee
Greg Lichti
Ruth MacKenzie
Grant Monck
Sara Neely
Michelle M.B. Osborne
Darren & Monika Pries-Klassen
Ross & Alison Young



Michelle A. Bernard
Sandra Dow
Leah Eustace
Margaret Mason
Elizabeth Moxham
Paul & Chastity Nazareth
Jill Nelson
Charles O’Neil
Beth Proven
Doug Puffer
Quiet Legacy Planning Group Ltd. 
Lorna Somers
Amanda Stacey
Jasmine Sweatman




Malcolm Berry 

Malcolm Burrows

Bruce Davies

Ian Fraser

Carla Funk

Making Dreams a Reality Financial Services

Janice Margolis

Marilyn Monson

Christopher Richardson

Julia Roudakova

Tina Tehranchian

Andrew Valentine



Marisa Barlas
Natasha Benn
Yolanda Benoit
Ninette Bishay
Doris Cameron
Norma Cameron & Bill Crook
Gwen Chapman
Jacqueline Cooper
Colleen DeJager
Barbara Eyles
Liza Fernandes
Leila Fiouzi
André Franche 
Alexis Gaiptman
Geoffrey Graham
Cheryl Hebb
Jennifer Jasechko
Murray Landa
Beverly Lev & Bill Kuhns
Phil Levson
Linda Lindsay
David Love
Sarah MacDonald
Jackie & Kurt Markstrom
Chelsea McIntyre
Brad Offman
Ligia Pêna
Laily Pirbhai
Heather Powers
Maurice Prevost
Thomas G. Riglar
Sue Rosenblat
Leslie Ross
Jo-Anne Ryan
Charlotte Sutherland
Charlene Taylor
Anne Thibodeau
Thomas Thompson
Mike Todd
Ann Vessey 
Heather Warren
Stephen Webb
Janice Williams
Neil Williams
Marcella Zanella

up to $100


Maria Almeida
Noella Beausoleil
Renee Beneteau 
Michael Blatchford
Candace Boersma
Mikhael Bornstein
Paola Coronado Hass
Simona Dobransky
Aneil Gokhale
Sharon Gregory
Anthony Keating
Lara Kinnear
Erin Kuhns
Ian Lewer 
Sonia Morin
Jean-Marie Niangoran
Alen Okanovic
Genane Peniak
Justin Pilon
Kelly Sodtka
Marnie Spears
Natasha van Bentum
Jayne Whitfield
AFP Vancouver
CAGP Southern Alberta Chapter
CAGP Ottawa Chapter
Victoria Estate Planning Council


and two donors who chose to remain anonymous

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